Decode Your Destiny: Numbers Hold the Key.

In drawing analysis we ask to draw a picture and that we give them some basic element like mountain, water,  human being, tree,  House, Sun now we ask them to add any element in this Picture from your side. They are free to  delete any element from this list.

They have to draw the picture this picture is  belong to to that element but it give a clear message of your  subconscious mind of the person what you think about money, relationship ,human being , about father or father figure we can make  a consolidated report of all this and we can draw a conclusion regarding the subconscious mind of the person .

what happened that people can pretend and speak what they want or what the other want to listen but picture cannot lie and as you know that picture can speak thousand words.  With the help of drawing analysis we can draw some issue in the nurturing some issue with the personality and mind blockage like that.

Drawing analysis is tool with the help of that we can draw or a very specific conclusion about that person that thing he may not want to speak able to speak can’t speak but  drawings picture this study is really interesting this we  cover trying analysis