Numbers Speak Louder Than Words: Discover Your True Potential.

Numerology is known for digit— How Digit  make their impact on life and how we can get benefit out of that…

How we can write our name on visiting card Door , Name plate  which color to be used for making logo and visiting card what are the lucky dates and lucky days in our life how each alphabet in our name will have a impact on our life

Life cycle– what are the stages in life will have major impact on life rotation

How next 9 year of our life will have a journey which which are the important year  Golden Year and troublesome year  in our life what sort of Upasana and which are the things I have to follow strictly to achieve my progress what is my Destiny and Ambition which thinking behavioral pattern I belong to what is four stages in my life which I will use as a benefit or I have to take care or follow some rules

Is I have  cypher (Panauti ) in my life impact of different planets on my life

Marriage tally second marriage Divorce Yog in my life special suggestion according to to my date of birth

Few important things according to do the birth you have to pay very close attention.

Your master planet your ( Swami Grah ) which according to your behavior and action are you are taking.

Your Tatva ( fire, wind and water) on which you will have relation with people or friendship. Your routine life behavior will depend on this.